Women and men have fixed roles, right?

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Women and men have fixed roles…

… right?
Of course not!
You might think. Me too.
It´s all about breaking the old beliefs and ways of thinking. Women empowerment has gotten us quite far we might think, right?
That´s what I thought too, until I came across this video where just in little remarks it was painfully clear how it is still “expected” of women to do more in the household than men.
OH YES. It was painfully clear.
“Yes, I help her in the house.” That was the statement.
His friend replied: “I don´t help her, it´s my dirty clothes, my dishes, and my stomache that´s hungry, too.”This stopped me in my tracks. Something from deep within me was starting to emerge… oh and it has to come out now!!!
What a lot of you don´t know about me is that I have a master degree in intercultural communication.
Ok, what does that have to do with the other?
Well, this very famous “onion diagram” by Geert Hofstede shows how our cultures work and that we basically don´t question our cultural beliefs, norms and values. And this is one thing, that is EXTREMELY overlooked in personal development. We might learn to question thoughts and beliefs about money, creating harmony, or about how to obtain what we want, but cultural beliefs? Nope.
Though it was intercultural communication which got me more into personal development at the same time, because it´s all about thoughts and emotions and managing our lives, but in a different way than traditional coaching. Yet, the unquestioned cultural reality, our own cultural programming remains just that also in intercultural management until now.
It remains UNQUESTIONED.It means, we don´t question the values and norms we have learned deep enough yet. I can see it all around. People do it on an unconscious level but not deliberately. Set out deliberately to question if the way we are treating masculine and feminine roles in a certain culture are serving us. Or if the absurd amounts of individualism that is generated in our culture is serving us. My opinion? It is NOT!
Or if the way we deal with time is serving us… if you ask me: NOT! There is a reason why inhabitants of the so called “blue zones” live longer and are happier. They have a different way of living.

We only get confronted with our own deep rooted beliefs when we are deeply emerged into a culture for a long time. Working there, living there for years, not just months. That´s when they change.

Or: when you challenge yourself!
But hang on, why would you challenge your beliefs about your culture?
Well, in order to create more peace on earth, more harmony between nations, we need to see ourselves more as ONE HUMANITY and less as “I am English/Dutch/Mexican” etc. We are in fact one humanity, not races, not colours, not nations. Our planet seen from the orbit shows no boarders, no countries. These are ALL PROGRAMS of the mind. Software, as Geert Hofstede called his worldfamous book, of the mind. And thus, it can be upgraded, changed and deleted. For more peace and harmony here.

And so, I want to challenge you today😊:
Question one of your values on time, male and female roles, or individualistic/group nature of culture. Question yourself on whether you need to be on time, or not. Question yourself if how much time you need for lunch. Question yourself how your household roles are divided. Or if the interest of the individual should come before that of the group.
Ask yourself:

Do these unquestioned perspectives truly serve us?
Do they bring harmony into your life/ your family/ our society?
And take it into your week with you! Reflect.

That´s all for today!
Wishing you the most wonderful fabulous start of the week, and don´t forget to stop to question your unquestioned reality every so often!

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