The top ten methods for stress relief and inner peace

As someone who has suffered from a burnout myself more than ten years ago, I know what stress is and what is does to you.
Stress relief has been a subject ever since for me to continue to study and explore. Among other things, I studied to become a yoga instructor, formed myself as a relaxation course trainer and did several coaching courses.

The top three things I do daily are the emotions embracing tool (coming soon as mp3), meditation and relaxation techniques.
Below you find my top ten tips for stress relief and relaxation.

What to do when you are stressed out?

  1. Find time for yourself during the day, either in the morning or in the evening. As busy as you are, make time for yourself that´s a number one priority. Stressed people tend to put themselves and their needs on the last position but this is not healthy and self loving action. It´s like in the plane: when you take care of yourself, you can help other people way better!
  2. Make a list of things that relax you. As relaxation comes differently for everybody make a list that you keep handy in order to have tools that work for stress relief.
  3. Have a long hot bath with essential oils and sea salt or go for a swim. Water is a natural purifying agent that takes emotions from us as Masaru Emoto so beautifully showed in his water crystal. Water relaxes in all its ways. Even listening to water in a form of an inside fountain, rainfall or the waves of the ocean, water is a great stress reliever.
  4. Get some physical exercise you enjoy. The best way to help your body break down the stress hormones that are released into your body is by physical exercise. Then muscles then burn up the cortisol and adrenaline and you are able to relax afterwards. The important things here is find an activity you enjoy while you are doing it as this really helps your mind to switch off and releases more joy hormones into your system.
  5. Try listening and dancing to music. Listening and/or dancing to music you enjoy is a great way to get relief from stress. Put on that favorite group and dance away! Or listen to wonderful relaxing music. Classical music according to Masuru Emoto has a great effect on the water crystals, making them acquire amazingly beautiful forms. Would you like the 70% of the water in your body to shine like that?
  6. Sing! Singing has been totally underestimated as to the tremendous healing effect it has on us. Singing is the activity which makes the brain use most amount of neurons, much more than for example when solving a mathematical problem. Singing balances our emotions and helps thus balance our brain activity, which is greatly comprimised during stressful times. Join a local choir or take singing lessons or simply sing with yourself!
  7. Get out of the house! Contact with nature has long been proven to give great stress relief. Plants, the fresh air and feeling the ground beneath our feet has such a great healing effect on our stressed out minds. When you are in a stressful situation as a rule of thumb at least get out every day for a walk in nature of minimum 30 min. Better would be an hour per day.
  8. Find the real reason why you are stressed by keeping a journal or talking to a good friend or coach/counsellor. Finding out the reason behind the stress we feel is very important. Having a channel on where to express it either in written or in spoken form is another very important factor in obtaining relief from stress. Learning from our actions and what is behind our fears is so very crucial to improving our situation in the long term.
  9. Loving yourself means taking good care of yourself. Eating well, taking care that you sleep enough and get enough physical exercise is one thing. Leaving stressful situations that have no perspective such as unhealthy relationships or jobs without perspective that do not fit your abilties is another. Take care of yourself and physically, emotionally and mentally! Stress is based on fear and where there is love there cannot be fear.
  10. Quiet the mind and move into the present moment.
    The present moment offers amazing amounts of stress relief! In the present moment there are only sounds, colors, inhalations and exhalations. Observations rather than thoughts. Check out the top ten ways to get into the power of the present moment here. Where there is stillness in the mind, there is stillness in stress, meaning there is peace. Where there is peace, there is relief
    from stress.

May there be peace unto everybody!