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Most people who work with me, have been on the path of personal development for a while. They have worked on themselves, and they have gotten ahead quite a bit, yet there are certain things that keep repeating themselves and that keep popping up. Are you someone like that? If you feel that you get to a certain “glass ceiling” yet you seem to “know it all” but wonder why things aren´t working out, then I might be able to support you. I have an uncanny ability to see where people are in their process and to find the right spots to expand their development on all levels: soul level, mental, emotional as well as physical. I use my six sensory abilities, my intuitive guidance to point out hidden blocks, obscure problems and patterns and support you in giving you tools, advice and insights to help you get ahead and take the next steps, and to remove them if possible.

In a session with me, you might be surprised with the information you receive, and you might be confirmed about other aspects. There is no format I use, nor learned structure, as I follow my internal guidance. You might get an overview of where you are and what you are to do next, or not. You might get major energetic healing, removing blocks and programs you have long hoped to let go of. Or you might get complete insight into why you are learning what you are experiencing and support in shifting it faster. The way the session goes depends greatly on your personal consciousness development at the moment, your vibrational level and what is for the highest and best Good for you. This is never what your or mine conscious minds determines, but it is determined on a much higher plane.

My abilities enable me to see where you are, in your personal progress as well as obtain information relevant for you at this moment in time. All is aimed at creating the life for you that is for your highest and best Good always. It might not be what you came here for, but it is always what is best for you at that moment in time. I started to work like this in 2008 on my own system and have been guided and trained directly by the higher realms since then.

In general, people have no idea how full their systems are of blocks, distruptive energies and disowned aspects of themselves. Most people in the personal development world think they are much further in their progress than they are as seen from the higher realms. This “spiritual ego” phenomenon is not condusive to our liberation as it is exactly what is hindering most people at this moment I see. So, if you are brave enough to face yourself and really want to get ahead, then a session with me might be your most optimum choice at this moment.

During a session, I also teach  and give tools that I have personally developed or tested and found majorly useful to create a life based on the Heart, not the mind.

If you feel called and inspired to work with me directly, please contact me personally, fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sessions can be done via Skype or other electronic means.

With much Love and a huge Heart for this World, Charis

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