About Charis

Since Charis was a little girl, she had the ability to feel into other peoples systems, see their problems and feel their energies. As this was not always easy for someone who is so little and unexperienced in the Earth plane, she retreated into herself a lot. Understanding humans was something that she developed only later when she was getting older. Yet today, it is with such passion and Love that she is guided internally to unravel the mysteries of Life on this Earth, given knowledge and insights to help and support others in their endeavors to master this life here. Her intentions are very pure, heart based and set to guide and assist people in their own personal development path, as well as their more spiritual paths.

She works relentlessly to clear blocks, energies, develop tools and bring down knowledge and insights to lift up this planet. When she is not working, she enjoys dancing, singing, music, playing golf, doing Yoga and spending time in Nature and at the sea. As she is a true lover of cultures, she can often be found travelling and in exotic places.

Throughout her life, she has faced many of the challenges people face: from moving and living in different countries, to dealing with death and loss in all variations, sickness from others and herself, and overcoming physical limitations and challenges. She knows what it is like to live here and what it takes to thrive and be joyful at all times. People who know her for a long time, frequently say she was a little “different” than others, and people who know her for short time comment on her lightness of Being, her immense joyfulness and her big heart.

“I am here to support people in living a life in Joy, Love and in Harmony.” Charis

Bringing some special connection to her own inner guidance, she is able to tap into higher realms and receive information, see, hear and feel. All of this enables her to move swiftly and to get breakthroughs that are unforeseen and less experienced through traditional means.

Wherever she goes, she lifts people up and leaves them with a smile on their face or a touch in their hearts. Yet, she looks like a normal human being, lives a “normal” life, spending time with family and friends, enjoying life.


Short Bio:

Master of Arts in International Business Communication and Hispanic Studies, specialising in Intercultural Communciation. 5+ years in Marketing Communication and International Sales with TNT International Mail (NL). Business Communication and Presentation skills Coach and Trainer in multinationals and Professor for Global Strategy and Intercultural Management at Syracuse University Campus Madrid (Spain) 4+ years. Teacher Intercultural Competences and Foreign Languages at Rhein Waal University (4+years) in Germany. Personal Development Coach and Spiritual Coach and Healer working globally since 2014.

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