Do you know how to deal with fear?

Dealing with fear is such an important tool in daily life.

What you can do in order to process, neutralize and transform ANY lower vibrational energies in my system which are basically any so-called negative emotions is the following exercise:

In order to raise the vibration of yourself, and the planet, work on clearing all fears.

  1. Set the intent on changing your mindset.
    The most important step I have learned from my spiritual support team is that we have a wrong approach to fear, anger, frustration and irritation.
    We want to push them away. That´s keeping them in your system though. That´s how the emotion stays and keeps you in a lower vibrational state!
    Dealing with fear is not about pushing it away but about welcoming it.
  2. Welcoming and taking care of your emotions. All of them.
    The mindset and attitude you want to adapt is one of understanding that negative emotions are in your system because they want to tell you something. They want attention! Just like children they are there to be taken in the arms and nurtured and given support.
    That´s the major step in development we humans need to take. We need to change our ways we deal with emotions.
  3. Sit with your emotions, give them time and attention and allow them to Be.
    Just like mistreated children, our fears, angers and frustrations need attention and need to be welcomed in our system. Do not try to push them away but welcome them. I say to them “you are welcome here in my system. What is it that you want to tell me? come, come tell me, it´s ok. I´m here. You can Be here in my system.” Then I feel. Breathing all the time. Deeply and slowly. I am not my emotions. I know that. Feel the place where the emotion is. Go there. Stay with it.
  4. Look at the situation that comes up
    Ask “what is behind this fear? What do you want to tell me?” You can also ask the emotion: “when was the first time I experienced this?” and transform the situation that comes up. Move into it, allow it to be, and then transform it as in step 5.
  5. Transformation through Love
    The transformation of the emotion comes closer. Give it your attention. Make it even bigger once you have felt it and seen or heard what it wants to tell you.
    Make it bigger if you want. Sometimes my emotions get bigger than the earth but I do not always use this step.
    Then focus on your heart chakra (if it is open enough) and infuse the emotion with light. Let the Love from your heart flow to the emotion. I advise people to tap into their mother/father instinct and let the care that they find there flow towards their emotionsLove transforms and heals. Anytime.
  6. Do this every day. I do it every day, either in the morning or in the evening before I go to sleep. Do it diligently.

People have told me this exercise is a completely new approach for them and totally transforming. I have seen clients make major steps with this simple exercise, dealing with fear diligently every day.

Loving your emotions, all of them, is the most important step towards the end of Right and Wrong, Good and Bad etc: it is the end of Duality!

And that is the beginning of Creating Eden for yourself. The end of suffering.