The Understanding and the Experience of Divine Mother and Divine Father – brought to you here on earth.

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Welcome to this bridge…

May this portal act as a bridge, a connector for you to experience and to understand Divine Mother and Divine Father here on this earth. May it make them REAL to all of us here in the physical, not just in the higher dimensions. May it connect your heart and your world to the Divine even deeper.

I am humbly serving the great One, the people here on this planet as well as the entire universe and beyond, by serving the Divine God male and female: Divine Mother Shekinah and Divine Father Sananda who are presently in-carnated here.


 – Charis Edenhofer

Divine Father Sananda and Divine Mother Shekinah

Beloved hearts,

In this space we greet you, see you, and most of all LOVE you as all that you are.

Feel this now beloved ones, for we are HERE, truly here, with you now.

Feel this now beloved hearts as we hold you in this embrace, eternal.

Feel this now cherished ones.

For you are, truly Loved, Cherished and Nurtured in the hands of God.

We LOVE you.


Divine Mother Shekinah and Divine Father Sananda


Receive four channeled messages like the one above, from Divine Mother Shekinah and Divine Father Sananda now.

About Charis

Through the higher realms I was formed, educated, reshaped and reprogrammed directly by Divine Mother Shekinah, who I know as my beloved teacher in the physical. And yet, almost everything she taught me came straight through my channel, not via words so much. She cleared my system in such a way that I could see, hear and feel these teachings from her directly through my own channel, and this is what made this so special to me.
She was joined later by Divine Father Sananda and now he has become my teacher as well.

Before this, I was a university professor for global strategy and intercultural communication, a business trainer and coach for many years working internationally and I have a background in corporate marketing and sales. All of that was part of my preparation for this. And I am grateful beyond words for this.

How high is the Divine on your priority list?

In your daily life, how high is the connection to the Divine on your priority list? How much time do you spend connecting to “home”? To our Father and Mother?

The undiscovered longing for Divine love

Divine love is what we are truly longing for. All of our projections about romantic love stem from this deeper longing, the longing for the Love from our Divine Father and Divine Mother.

All that we are

Truly we are One, we are Divine. We are holy, sacred, yet we have forgotten. We are here to remember, to experience. And yet, the most essential part is to connect with our Divine self, our home, our Mother and Father. Where do you do that in your daily life?

What others say about working with me…

  • My session with Charis took me from such a heavy, low vibration and energy place that I was in, to such a bright and light place. Her work can only be compared to that of angels. I felt lighter as we worked through my blocks and towards the end felt so much peace, I slept like a baby that night. And for the few days after, I kept experiencing the energy and the light at such a high vibration, it was blissful. Highly recommend working with Charis for she's doing the work on angels on this earth.

    Randa El Z. Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • What a joy it is to work with Charis! I already re-entered my own spiritual path when she came into my life. And with her guidance, my connection to the universe, to universal love speeded up immensely.  The gift she has is very special, the pure, direct and full connection tot he source. She released the blocks that limit me living my life and my mission. And there were quite a few, as a relatively newborn entrepeneur. Right now, my business is blooming. My life is blooming. Not only has she this special connection. She also is a talented, wise coach. That combination make sessions with Charis really transformational.

    Stephanie van Workum ACT Coach (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  • Dear Charis. Nearly a year ago we met for the first time. Through this way I want to thank you for this time, this fantastic journey to my Self! 
With your wonderful way you have shown me tools that help me to get to know my abilities and goals, and that enable me to find the things that truly matter in Life. I have development myself in such a way in every day life that it is even shown in dealing with myself and others. Again and again, I receive such valuable, enlightening impulses from you that support me, empower me and give me inner peace. A session with you is like a small retreat with long term effect. 😉

    Michaela L. Kleve (Germany)
  • Charis is a natural professional light worker in people´s lives. I personally experienced how much peaceful Love and inner Clarity she brought into my life with her deep and joyful presence. She is the lightworker who brings light into a dark house and softly helps to see what has to be cleaned, repaired, taken care of and how it is to simply and comfortably live in your ¨house¨ with the light of Clarity, Love and Joy.

    Leonora Be You Author of the book "Now be you global", Guide in conscious femininity teachings.

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